Shahkina Lakhanii...


The Soul Strategist

Aquarian Transformation Teacher

You’re here, because you can hear the call of these EVOLUTIONARY TIMES

You’re ready to BREAK FREE from the chains of the OLD PARADIGM


You want to IGNITE the world through your PASSION

And, you want to live an ENCHANTED LIFE

Hello! I am Shahkina Lakhanii, The Soul Strategist & Aquarian Transformation Teacher. I help women like you answer the call of  these evolutionary times, powerfully embody your unique genius, and live a fulfilling life while navigating the dawn of the new Aquarian era.

What Clients Say

Illuminating, heart centered, and inspiring insights and guidance.
Meghan Elizabeth

Certified Personal Coach, Health Coach,

My mission is to help women like you EMBODY YOUR UNIQUE GENIUS, and live a FULFILLING LIFE while making a LASTING IMPACT in the world, during these changing times that mark the dawn of The Aquarian Age.

Your unique genius is your PERSONAL SUPER POWER, the constantly unfolding highest expression of your LIFE PURPOSE.

If you feel…

UNFULFILLED despite having a successful career or being an amazing healer or a coach… are TIRED OF PLAYING SMALL and DONE HIDING from yourself and others…


passionately EMBODY and express YOUR UNIQUE GENIUS only you are born with… WITHOUT constantly getting entangled in POWER STRUGGLES within yourself and with others..

I can help you to…


So you can…

LIVE A LIFE FULL OF PASSION & JOY, doing what only YOU ARE BORN FOR in this world…

Lets Work together, You & I

Are you a successful professional, coach, healer or an entrepreneur who dreams of taping into the unfolding of the inner genius of your SoulFire, and making a difference in the world?

Only YOU…

possess your unique genius, do you know what it is?

I help you clear the core emotional, energetic and psychic patterns that prevent you from connecting with the unfolding of your unique genius, consistently.

Only you have the unique blend of experiences, gifts and spunk. There is a tribe waiting for your exact brand of pizzazz…

Lets not make them wait much longer. Lets get you on the path of realizing your unique genius so you can begin helping those you are here to help, in your unique way.

It is all within your reach!


Your Transformation Journey NOW!

Choose One OF The Following Services

Aquarian Dawn Riising Transformational Challenges

THRIVE as you Rise into the new Aquarian Dawn. Each 7 day challenge will help you transform one core pattern that holds you back & turn it into your biggest strength.

Aquarian Dawn Riising

1:1 Coaching

STRATEGIZE your unfolding LIFE PURPOSE- transform your core wounds & patterns, learn to create dynamic habits that support you to live a fulfilling life during the rise of this Aquarian dawn.

The Soul Design

Astro-Numerology Profile

DISCOVER your unfolding LIFE PURPOSE, learn the fate and destiny patterns your soul dances with & connect with your highest potential – YOUR UNIQUE GENIUS. So you can live the life you are born to live.

Current Name Numerology

Do you know if your CURRENT NAME VIBRATION supports you or puts road blocks on your path? I will help you tweak the vibration of your current name to CREATE A CLEAR PATHWAY for grace to flow in. Its an easy fix. Let me help you!

Intuitive Reading

Get GUIDANCE and CLARITY about your current circumstances. CONNECT WITH ANGELS, Ascended Masters. If you have a burning question & you are wishing for the WISE COUNCIL OF YOUR GUIDES to help you navigate your situation, this reading is for you.

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