Thank you Shahkina for my Soul Design profile and providing me with the tools necessary to approach my life path. I think a valuable reading can provide insight into our deepest thoughts and your reading accurately described everything I aspire to be. I am grateful for the wisdom you presented on how to approach my life path and hope to use that advice to become the best version of myself. I have always believed myself to be a humanitarian and hearing Shahkina give me a fresh perspective on how to approach my future gave me the assurance I needed to pursue this path. Her reading helped me achieve the clarity, confidence, and competency necessary to approach my destiny, and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

Farheen Hasham

Student, Budding Humanitarian

I had a burning desire to solve a question in my life so I hired Shahkina for an intuitive reading. She was able to connect with people from my past and confirm feelings I had been having. She brings a variety of tools to her readings including numerology, astrology, as well as historical and cultural understandings. Her psychic powers are very attuned because she was able to identify things with an almost eerie level of accuracy. She also read into my energy and described my current life situation very accurately and provided guidance on what I should do next in order to complete this current phase in my life and move on to the next phase. Immediately after our reading I felt so at peace that I was able to connect with my guides more strongly. The week following our reading my energy had been cleared so much so that I was able to identify and solve a life-long issue between my mother and I. I did not hire her to solve this problem but it was a residual bonus of the reading, which I am over the moon about! I recommend for anyone to invest in any offering of Shahkina’s. She is definitely the real deal.
Thank you again, Shahkina!
I hope to be reaching out to you again for further support.
Lots of love,
Stephanie Moreta

Life Coach, Attorney

Illuminating, heart centered, and inspiring insights and guidance.

Meghan Elizabeth

Certified Personal Coach, Health Coach,

Shahkina did an amazing job at connecting me with my ‘spirit squad’. It felt like her presence really plugged me in to Source! In my reading, Shahkina helped me translate what I had been feeling internally and put it into words. The reading renewed my confidence in listening to the voice within, and provided some much needed clarity with regards to a complex issue in my life. I would definitely recommend an Intuitive Reading with Shahkina to anyone who feels stuck or unsure about what exactly their intuition is trying to tell them, and for receiving clarity and guidance from your team of spirit helpers.


I scheduled my appointment both with skepticism and hope to discover possibilities and learn. The session revealed inspirational insights that made total sense and helped me with deeper understanding of self.  Thanks Shahkina for your wisdom and loving guidance!

Nadia Huda

Software Engineer

Incredibly revealing and specific guidance. I highly recommend Shahkina’s work, especially for finding out specific shadow loyalties. I’d never have been able to figure it out on my own… And, we all need a helper. Thank you  Shahkina!

Kate Arcangeli

Foundress Of Priestess house and GoPure Cleansing,

When Shahkina explained the significance of Numerology of my name, it was a HUGE revelation! Not only was it an AHA moment, Shahkina made it a therapeutic moment for me. 

Interestingly, over the last few months, I had been getting messages from my higher self about my name and few other things. Shahkina was able to bring all these threads together and help me make sense of the messages I was receiving. I can’t stress enough how empowering this knowledge of self is! 

Very highly recommended! With utmost gratitude, Sylvia Cleary

Sylvia Cleary

Retired Nurse, seeking balance and purpose

Shahkina is open, honest, insightful. Often answering questions before I even ask. She is able go to the heart of the issue and share insights and guidance, that are totally on point. 

She never lets my emotions cloud her connection. I always come out feeling much better after I have talked to her. 

Thanks Shahkina for being a guiding light for me.  Sarah


Healer, Mother