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Is This You?

You have a BURNING DESIRE to make a difference in the world.

You are only satisfied when your SoulFire burns bright with PURPOSE and PASSION.

You have always felt that your LIFE PURPOSE is unfolding in a BIGGER way than you can imagine.

You know your gifts are meant for riding the current EVOLUTIONARY wave of transformation.

And, You want to HELP as many PEOPLE as possible on their path.

Here is how I CAN HELP YOU LIVE THIS SACRED DREAM with passion, purpose, and power!


The Soul Design Astro-Numerology Profile

You are done groping in the dark trying to figure out the unfolding of your life purpose, the core patterns you are here to transmute, and your unique gifts.

You want to get on with the real task of capturing your SoulFire, your passion and purpose in this world- Well then, The Astro-numerology Soul Design Profile is just what you need.

In this session, I will help you cut through the chase and give you an in-depth run down of the messages hidden in your soul design profile to  set you on your soul’s evolutionary path.

Current Name Numerology

Have you ever wondered if your name vibration supports your vision or aborts your vision?

Did you know that people often have challenging names that cause unnecessary roadblocks on their path resulting in frustration, suffering and drama?

If you have experienced repeated sabotage, unexpected roadblocks on your path and you want a simple remedy, this session is for you!

Intuitive Reading

Did you know that your guides and cosmic messengers are always eager to help you on your path, especially during these uncertain times. All you have to do is ask. 

If you want to receive guidance and clarity on a specific issue and get a quick snapshot of your life, this reading is for you.

The wise counsel of your guides is ready to help you make the best of your current situation starting now…